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Friday, April 28, 2006

Bus 230 : Nice Sophia Antipolis Express

My work in Sophia Antipolis is some 25km away from home. There is a very convenient bus, the #230 Nice Sophia Antipolis Express, that takes me there in about 40 minutes, although the way back usually takes a little longer because of congestion.

One surprising quality of this service is that it does not appear to always take the same route; in the morning, it sometimes arrives at my stop Gambetta on the Promenade d'Anglais, coming from the Promenade, sometimes it arrives from the Bvd. Gambetta. In Sophia usually it makes a little detour loop along the Rue Beethoven, but not necessarily. Usually it passes the airport Nice Côte d'Azur without bothering about it, but at other times it actually goes there to see if there are any passengers at both terminal 1 and 2.. well, whatever. The single fare has dropped to € 1.30 (was € 9.50) so no complaints from me.

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Blogger ni made said...

Hi, My name is Desi, I stumbled upon your blog when i was looking for the way to go to Sophia Antipolis. I need to go there from Nice on Monday 28 July 2008. Do you know whether the bus will come from Boulevard Gambetta or Gambetta stop on Promenade des Anglais on that day? Or do you know an online bus timetable that I can check out? Thanks so much!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got on the bus at Gare Routiere on a Monday morning and got off at ETSI in Sophia at the Sophie Lafitte stop without problem. The buses were leaving frequently so if you missed one, another left very soon. When I wanted to return from Sophia to Nice, however, the service was only 1 time per hour. I waited at the bus stop on the opposite side of the road for 20 minutes. After the bus passed on the opposite side of the road, the other person at the stop got a text from a colleague who works in Sophia telling her that the bus to and from Nice both use the same stop on the same side of the road, so we realized we had just missed our bus. It was too cold to sit for an hour waiting for the next one, so we took the next bus for Antibes and caught a bus for Nice there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

schedule can be found on:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the URL has changed..

It shows all bus routes in the area. Just click on "230"



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