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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


There is no limit to the bizarre in Holland.. when living in Amsterdam I often wondered what on earth might have happened to people's heads, seeing the debates and opinions on immigration -- not only in the media, but also in conversations with actual people. And now this.. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the heroine of hate until recently so loved by the hating masses, has become a victim herself. Two-thirds of the population think she must lose her nationality, thus turning her into a stateless non-citizen. What disgrace.


Anonymous Rik Veerkamp said...

With Verdonk, the VVD have chozen for a extremely hard stance towards the immigration and integration issues worsening, if not in fact causing, the current polarization. The result now is that once the dutch public en large have been made aware of Ayaan Hirshi's false identity and lying in order to succesfully get the Dutch nationality, it caused outrage on both sides. Ayaan abused the system and our good trust, making it that much harder for other asylum seekers to get fair treatment (as if it wasn't hard enough yet!) when applying for asylum in holland.
This should be the ONLY reason why she's being hammered on at the moment.



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