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Monday, May 22, 2006


Saturday night me and Cristina went to La Havane, a restaurant turning dance club after dinner hours. Showing up at around 23:00 the bouncer first informed me in English that the place was full but we could wait a bit outside (tables and chairs provided on the sidewalk) but when I translated this to Cristina in Portuguese, a broad smile appeared on his face and after mumbling some Spanish, we were let in. This place is very nice, it has a live band and lots of people dancing, and an upstairs from where you can look down at the band and the dance floor. At this hour, the last patrons who were there for dinner were still finishing it. We met our neighbour (or rather, her cousin, or something like that) who is Baiano there as well. I find this the best place to go out I've seen so far; the ambience is more relaxed than in a place called Cubana at the promenade (although they also have live music, and a very good band at that) and definitely much nicer than the Antillian disco at the edge of the Old town, that's horrendously expensive and has a rather high-strung feel about it. And, the Havana is only a few minutes walk from our appartment !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sympa ton blog, mais les caractères sont trop petits !!! c'est fatiguant à lire !



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