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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Bus #230 summertime blues

Now that it's July and August, the company STCAR that operates line #230, the "express" between Nice and Sophia Antipolis, has had the brilliant idea of reducing bus frequency. Not that it was all that frequent anyway, but why not even less buses.. it's summer after all. Unfortunately this does not quite correspond to any lesser number of potential passengers. Added to that the fact that this bus does not take anyone if all seats are taken, the effect is that in the more popular hours, like going-to-work-time, the bus everyday refuses passengers at my stop Gambetta/Promenade. If it happens to you, you just have to hope the next bus (which will come after a very long time) has a seat for you. Or else, the one after that.. in which case you might as well take the rest of the day off and stay on the beach.

My own solution is preventing this by walking all the way to the stop at Albert Premier at the edge of the old town. This way I get on the bus a couple of stops earlier, and I've never been refused there yet. But I have to leave home even earlier..


Anonymous Ian P. Benfold Haywood said...


we're looking for the best way to get from Nice airport to le swing (val Martin just out side Valbonne) or sophia antipolis on public transport.

Any thoughts on matter would be appreciated.




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