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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Alexander & Jaciara visiting

For a week, Alexander and Jaciara came to visit me. They did not get to see too much sunshine, but they were fine with that as they rather make trips than sit on the beach. I went with them in the weekend to the Eglise Russe in Nice, not too far from home, and to Antibes. The port of Antibes is chokeful of very expensive yachts, most of which are registered in Georgetown, Cayman Islands -- how richess breeds greed. Other days, they also took the Chemin des Pignes to Entrevaux and beyond, and they went to Monaco, when I was working. It was very nice for me to have visitors, being all alone now that Cristina is still in Brazil ! Who's next ?

Alexander & Jaciara at home

Alexander & Jaciara at home

Eglise Russe - Russian Church

Alexander & Jaciara in the bar at the corner

Port of Antibes

Port of Antibes

Alexander & Jaciara in the very Antibes restuarant where Alexander had watched the 1974 Holland-Germany World Cup

Heikki in the train from Antibes to Nice


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