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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Font size buggy buttons

Yesterday, Anonymous said:

sympa ton blog, mais les caractères sont trop petits !!! c'est fatiguant à lire !

To accommodate readers who wish to view this blog in a different font size but do not like to change their browser's view settings, I've added these buttons to the top of the page.


However, they do not work correctly ! At least not on my office XP/Firefox. When clicking for a smaller font, at the first click it actually gets larger instead! This javascript was copied from As I'm lazy I think it's good enough; if you have a clean solution, please tell me;


Blogger Youri said...

Oi voceis! Q bonito e ai..incrivel. Ja posso dizer quaze com certeza q vou chegar ai em agosto ;)
Por encuando aqui o tempo se piorou otravez, mas e bom porque tenho q estudar muito estes dias para os exames.
A casa esta a acostumarse ao novo pessoal..parece q'sta bem :)
Ate dia 7!



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