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Sunday, August 27, 2006

iPod manufacturing

These days everyone and their mother owns an i-pod. Apart from the fact that these devices sell for outrageous prices, and that it's apparently quite usual to be re-formatting them regularly (for example if you use some 3rd party program, and Boom! it's gone. No problem, just re-format..), it also appears that your beloved snubs' company Apple has them produced in Shenzhen, China, in circumstances that are bad enough to put this company on a par with other heroes of exploitation like Nike and McDonalds. See for example this story.

If you really must ignore the circumstances of where you are, plugging your auditory orifices with out-of-ambience sound, why don't you assemble a small radio for yourself? Low-tech, low-price, and you're not stuck with the same songs you already heard too often.

"Peace Dormitory" where many hundreds of iPod assembly employees stink together after their 15 hour work day


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