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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nissa Rebela

As in other parts of France, here too you have some organized regionalism. Unlike in Corsica, here the argument is not so much about independence from France, but rather of « preserving identity ».

Promotion of the local language Niçois is in fact the only point being made that might be construed as serving local identity. Otherwise their publications are full of hate speech along the lines of
Harmonie, paix et sécurité ne peuvent exister que dans une société ethniquement et culturellement homogène.
.. and much worse. See for example this site.

Even the Front National is seen as an « assimilationist » pro-immigration party, what with its recent strategy to try and appear as a party for all people French, as exemplified by posters like this one:

A bunch of reactionary bigots, all of them, that's what I say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...



Blogger Fatima Berber said...

If I were you, I didnt put this reactionary poster at your webblog...


Blogger heikki said...

but I do ! In fact I've seen an even *much* better one, saying "Non au Kebab, Oui a la Socca!". Now I think it doesn't get any more hilarious than that, as far as these sorry people come. Unfortunately this poster was taken off the street before I took a picture ..



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