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Monday, October 09, 2006

Wedded !

The wedding! On an autumn Monday morning with sunshine, rain and strong winds in Amsterdam. The ceremony took place in the city hall known as Stopera. Complete with speeches by Alexander and my mum, the latter recited by Youri. Cristina was very beautiful in her white dress, and did not faint at the moment suprême, as she had predicted. Daniela kindly did a great job of translating (almost) everything to Portuguese. Gertjan performed the role of ring-bearer. Sylvia took photographs, Youri made a film, my Hamburg friends Rik and Delia acted (with Daniela) as witnesses, Ingrid and Roy just back from Costa Rica didn't bring their IDs so they couldn't join the witness table, and Maurice and Hévila were almost in time. Could not have been more perfect!

Vows and rings having been exchanged, we went with this party to the nearby Cafe Danzig, and then we went home to consume the marriage and prepare for the party in the evening. Home being Elma's house, our temporary dwelling; she herself unfortunately could not be there because she was in Mozambique. The party in the evening, lasting late into the night was very nice with lots of people and live Brazilian music by the great Mozambican musician Leo. At some point there wasn't a single person not dancing!

A fuller photo report will be posted here once I have some more photos; most were taken by other people who have yet to send me copies (hint, hint). Here is a small preview, from the pictures on my camera.

The night before: Cristina in Cafe Cuba, Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam

Daniela and Cristina just before the wedding ceremony

Heikki and Cristina before the altar

Done! Sanctioned kissing, from now on!

My mum looking at my hand where my engagement ring used to be..


Anonymous Michiel said...


Your mum looks happy.


Anonymous Elma said...

Nice to see both all the way in Maputo. Be more selective in publishing your photographs though.



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