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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Parking matters

There is no free parking in Nice, at least not anywhere near my neighbourhood. Paid parking places are marked 'payant' on the streets, and between the hours of 08:00 and 18:00 you must pay. I never pay, because I go to work around 08:00 and come back after 18:00. Sundays and jours feriés are free, and Saturdays I've been taking the risk. However there also are quite a few places marked 'livraison', meant for deliveries. I used to treat them the same as the payants, but now I know better: even though all the French use these places in the evening without bothering, you *must* make sure you are not there after 06:00 in the morning ! Otherwise your car is towed away, you must pick it up at a place called 'fourrière', in my case it was the fourrière in Nice Nord quite a long walk away and a 170 fine at that. Only Sundays and jours feriés can you park in the livraisons without worry .. below see my beautiful 156 safely parked in a payant in the evening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

heeft ie geen open dak?

trouwens, met onze superdeluxe renault express gaan we net Brussel halen.



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